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James Gunselman - Sustainability Manager

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During our first USA User Forum, we caught up with James Gunselman, Sustainability Manager from Bristol-Myers Squibb, who at that time had just completed his Datamaran certification journey.

Gunselman shared his experience, highlighting how much the certification program helped him to better understand the sustainability landscape.

The certification journey

Having just joined Bristol-Myers Squibb’s sustainability team Gunselman found the Datamaran certification program immensely useful as it allowed him to immerse himself in the sustainability culture. “Datamaran certification program has been very helpful in shaping my career trajectory and in helping me to become a subject matter expert” – he commented. Using the program, Gunselman was able to make a deep dive into ESG topics allowing him to get a better grasp on issues that are important to the company. Bristol-Myers Squibb's sustainability team is made up of four people, Gunselman leads on the technical aspects of ESG, in particular focusing on data management.

Completing the “Deep-Dive” Benchmarking Certification gave Gunselman the ability and confidence to carry out robust benchmarking exercises against their peers. This enables Bristol-Myers Squibb to have more meaningful conversations with stakeholders and allows for evidence-based issues prioritization and decision-making.

Datamaran Certification highlights your ability and expertise in integrating ESG issues into wider corporate strategy. With its evidence-based approach, Datamaran certified professionals are increasingly being recognized as forward-thinking experts. 

Achieve proficiency with our 90-minute certification courses, which include Datamaran Materiality and Datamaran Community Topics. These include a collection of interactive lectures, audio-visual materials, external activities, and coursework. When you are ready, the certification practices can be completed remotely on your own computer.

A full immersion in sustainability

Similarly to moving to a new country, the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in the new environment. Prior to joining the Bristol-Myers Squibb’s sustainability team, Gunselman was a chemistry scientist in the company’s Research & Development team. The certification was the first thing he did in this new role.

“I don't have a background in sustainability. So for me the certification was a really easy way to jump into the sustainability culture. Completing the Certification program really helped me to get immersed in sustainability”.

Shaping up the conversations with your stakeholder

Gunselman said that Datamaran, in particular insights from the Benchmarking Module, helped to shape ESG conversations and made them relevant for internal stakeholders:

“We are currently defining our 2020 goals for the corporate strategy, with a look to the 2025 goals, and we are using Datamaran to define the conversations with our stakeholders around these goals. Datamaran’s insights are helpful as supporting evidence to build a foundation for these kinds of conversations”.

Prior to Datamaran, Bristol-Myers Squibb used to rely on a more unstructured process. Working with Datamaran allows them to have all insights in the same place, having data that is easy to access and ready to share.

Datamaran’s certification program builds familiarity and competency in using Datamaran. It offers concrete workflows to help you apply Datamaran insights internally - for strategy planning, risk management, materiality, and reporting - while also advancing your data analytic capabilities.

Learn how to ensure a dynamic process for understanding and monitoring emerging risks - more quickly and reliably.

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