Marjella Alma

CEO & Co-founder

As the CEO and co-founder of eRevalue, Marjella provides the vision for the business, gives strategic direction to the team and leads business development efforts. A technical expert with in-depth knowledge of ESG reporting standards and responsible investing. She’s one of the 3 founders – the crack team behind our success. A fantastic leader, and a real motivator for the whole team. 

She created eRevalue as she believes that big data in ESG provides a major business opportunity. 

Prior to this, Marjella was the head of the New York office of GRI (the Global Reporting Initiative) – the most widely used standard for measuring and managing Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) risks. She joined the GRI headquarters in Amsterdam in 2007 where she successfully set up the services department. She became the youngest female Director for the GRI at age 30. 

Marjella holds a MA in International Relations from the University of Groningen and has a large and impressive international network in the field of reporting and transparency, or the field of ESG.  Marjella has worked with governments, regulators, international organisations, businesses, civil society, labour, the accountancy profession and the media.

Fun Fact: Marjella never forgets a name or a face.