Strategic foresight in an ESG-driven market – introducing Datamaran’s latest feature, Dynamic Analysis

24 February 2022 - by Ian van der Vlugt

In my last blog postI provided a definition for ‘strategic materiality’: An integrated and structured process to identify, prioritize, and monitor the dynamic issue universe that drives strategic business decisions. At Datamaran, we’ve made it our calling to help companies adopt a strategic materiality approach, leveraging the power of technology. For this reason, we’re pleased to unveil the latest feature to make this even easier – Dynamic Analysis.

Dynamic Analysis automates quarterly updates to your materiality analysis, allowing you to clearly see how issues evolve across the external landscape. After listening to client feedback on our previous monitoring feature, we’ve adapted the presentation to reflect issue changes within the materiality matrix itself. In this way, clients and their governance bodies have an ongoing sense of which issues are emerging in the external environment. 

This last point highlights the fact that strategic materiality is also about being proactive and having strategic foresight. A few colleagues that had the chance to attend the GreenBiz 22 conference shared periodic updates from events and discussions, where materiality was front and center. The challenge remains: how to effectively monitor changes and move materiality from a project to a strategic process. On the first point - monitoring - it was surprising to hear that “attending conferences and talking to your key stakeholders” was flagged as the key channel for monitoring.

Distilling changes in the ESG landscape – introducing Datamaran’s latest feature, Dynamic Analysis

With so many competing stakeholder demands in a quickly changing environment, especially where public health is top-of-mind and travel costs can be prohibitive, a data-driven approach is the only way to objectively assess the ESG landscape and proactively manage emerging issues. This then enables more focused discussions at conferences, stakeholder dialogues, investor roadshows, and with decision-makers. 

With a recent proliferation of ESG data management and reporting solutions, we’re increasingly committed to ensuring that senior decision-makers have the strategic insight and, more importantly, process needed to succeed. This is how Datamaran is different. Dynamic Analysis is yet another example; it helps to cut through all of the noise, providing the needed signals to make sound business decisions and investments and determine on which data you should focus. We will continue to develop and refine value-adding features that help elevate ESG and allow senior decision-makers to take ownership of that process. 

Here’s an example from our client Organon, explaining how they use this dynamic approach to strengthen executive and board decision-making, ensure disclosure consistency, and strengthen risk management. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to apply this at your company, get in touch here.

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