Reflecting on our first five years: the Datamaran journey

Originally published on Linkedin on 17 June 2019  - By Marjella LeCourt-Alma

On Friday 31st May, we held Datamaran’s five-year anniversary party at the Conduit Club in Mayfair, London. Bringing together our people, our clients, our partners and our investors, the night wasn’t just a celebration of everything we’ve all achieved together in the last five years. It was a time to pause for reflection. A signpost on the materiality journey. A chance to say “we’ve come so far considering where we started from, but there’s still so much to do.”

Datamaran's 5th anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it all started with three of us – JP, Jerome and I – and an idea. Five years on, we’re a team of 49 people working in offices in London, Valencia and New York, serving some of the world’s most renowned blue chip companies. The idea has grown into the world’s leading software as a service solution for non-financial risk management. As if becoming the mother of twins wasn’t surreal enough!

During those five years, I’ve been very proud to see so many talented people grow and develop with us. Some of our people joined us as interns and have since grown into director roles. The result is that we have a team of great people who understand our product and our proposition, whose professional development has been inexorably tied to that of our platform. We’re growing together. We’re on that journey together.

The value of partnership

What’s been the key to our success so far? Partnership. When you’re a small company starting out, you sometimes have to make a choice about whether you want to be a David who takes on Goliath, or whether you want to make friends with Goliath. For us, it was all about making friends. After all, it’s a hell of a lot easier to make friends than it is to fight. We realized we had a lot to offer these large companies – our innovation, our agility, our company values. I believe in seamlessly combining technology with human expertise. In partnership.

Datamaran's 5th anniversary

What’s the key for the next five years? The same as it has been for the previous five: partnership. In the spirit of the partnership goals of successful environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and the sustainability journey, it’s a collaborative effort. We can’t reduce the environmental impact of our operations in isolation. Partnership requires the alignment of vision and mission. It requires the growth and cultivation of the Datamaran community through our partnerships. We need friends who help us distribute and get more value from the tools we build, while we innovate.

Software’s about scalability, about teaming up with other firms to get your technology to market. In the same way, solving our environmental problems is not about anybody pressing a button. It’s about many different people working together to find, develop and enact solutions.

Datamaran's 5th anniversary

The last year has been a busy one, especially when it comes to growing our external team. We’ve joined the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) SDG advisory committee. We’ve also signed a significant commercial partnership with ERM – it was especially lovely seeing Keryn James, the CEO (the photo above), who kindly spoke to our guests about the relationship between our two organizations. Together, we believe we’ve got the technology and the passion to make a real difference in sustainability.

We’re also strengthening our ties with the ACCA (image below with Jimmy Greer, Head of Sustainability Research and Policy), and we’re looking forward to partnering with a number of other leading organizations – to be announced soon!

But the journey goes on. Our Research and Development (R&D) team is building new datasets so that Datamaran continues to evolve to meet the needs of our clients and to reflect the ever-shifting sustainability landscape.

Datamaran's 5th anniversary

The year ahead

Where can you catch up with us in 2019 and beyond? Well on the subject of New York, we’ll be at Climate Week NYC from 24-30th September, so if you’re based in the US or you happen to be around, feel free to come along and say hi. We’ll let you all know of the fallout from this crucial week in the climate change calendar. We’ll also be hosting user forums in Amsterdam and Phoenix, and attending Greenbiz 2020, the premier annual event for sustainable business leaders, from 4-6th of February 2020 in Phoenix.

Datamaran's 5th anniversary

A big thank you to all the clients, investors and partners who were able to join us for our celebration. To see so many of the people who have played such a big part in our success story, many of whom have been with us on every step of our journey over the last five years, meant so much. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. We don’t know exactly what the next five years will have in store - but with your support, we’re really excited to find out.

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