Improving sustainability disclosure through technology: partnership between Datamaran and GRI

12 November 2020 - By Ian van der Vlugt (Datamaran) and Mirjam Groten (GRI)

We are proud to announce that the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Datamaran have teamed up to explore how technological solutions can contribute to better understanding and use of corporate sustainability information, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.

This collaboration brings together Datamaran’s patented technology, data analysis expertise and software with GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database. The new partnership will consider how to improve the analysis and measurement of sustainability reporting data, and options for enhancing global tracking of GRI reports.

Reporting as a business process

Reporting should never be regarded as a tick box exercise. What matters most is that companies disclose information in a way that is accessible and responsive to the needs of all stakeholders – and reflects how the company manages its material risks and opportunities. And since the GRI Standards are used by more than 10,000 organizations, a deeper understanding of reporting practices will be essential to help organizations around the world improve the quality and consistency of disclosure.

“We are now in a stage where management is inviting - and expecting - key strategic information from ESG and risk teams. More data means a greater impact on this process and a greater contribution to stakeholders across the value chain” tells Itamar Schwartz, Director, ESG Reporting & Disclosures at Teva Pharmaceuticals. “We have the ability to help with prioritization and impact in a way like never before - and that rests on getting the C-Suite involved and engaged with ESG processes.”

The role of technology

This partnership highlights the essential role of technology in the field: the more we can use advanced technology to understand and monitor the changing risk landscape, the better equipped we will be to support companies in managing and disclosing their impacts. 

As Nasdaq’s Global Head of Sustainability Evan Harvey says, “the more real-time you can get with your data, the better able you are to forecast where your company needs to go. That’s the kind of information that stakeholders and decision-makers want to see. And you can’t be both timely and accurate in producing this information without the very latest technology.”

Through this partnership, GRI’s experts will consider new opportunities for the analysis of sustainability reporting data. This will allow them to rapidly gather reliable data-driven insights that are applicable to organizations around the world, supporting GRI’s efforts to enable more transparent and effective reporting on organizational impacts.


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