Expertise sharing and horizon scanning powered by AI: meet Datamaran Community Topics

3 February 2020 - By Adriana Farenga

External risks are changing all the time, and with them, the expectations on companies to manage and build resilient business strategies around them. But how can companies stay ahead of the curve? 

Spotting strong signals while scanning the horizon for new risks and industry trends is challenging. To facilitate this process, Datamaran released an innovative new feature - a live library of emerging and industry-specific issues called Community Topics.

The importance of expertise sharing

One of the key ways to identify emerging risks and trends is through expertise sharing. You attend conferences or forums, exchange views with other industry experts, do research and then draw conclusions. While this form of engagement is undoubtedly valuable, leading companies bear the costs of finding strong signals to steer their risk strategies: it is expensive, time-consuming, inconsistent, and generally difficult to capture decision-useful insights. This is where Datamaran’s new feature helps cut through the noise.

“For companies looking to get a real handle on newer industry trends, Community Topics is going to be your number one resource” says Director of Product Ian van der Vlugt. “The new feature vastly accelerates expertise sharing and horizon scanning processes, giving our clients instant access to emerging ESG trends and helping them to ground decision-making in facts.”

Community Topics: how does it work?

Community Topics is an open collection of concepts, topics and trends, curated by the Datamaran community. Users are able to build their own topics or leverage those shared by others, and seamlessly plug them into their materiality analyses. 

 Specifically, this new feature facilitates the identification and understanding of :

  • Emerging topics, which aren’t yet on mainstream radars but may manifest themselves as highly important issues in the future; and
  • Sector-specific topics not yet in Datamaran, which reflect your unique areas of business and may be material for your company’s strategy.

Having access to such a live library allows a more dynamic, comprehensive and credible analysis, that goes beyond just reporting and contributes to issues monitoring. This has become a real business case. 

Decision-makers often complain that materiality analyses are static, and they would like to get more out of them. Also, stakeholders - including investors - increasingly expect companies to be responsive to the changing risk landscape.

“The world is moving faster than it has ever done before, and as such we, as a company, need to keep up with this pace” says Dr. Jutta Kissel, Sustainability Manager at BASF. “In relying only on personal contacts there is a danger of filtering this information by perceptions, which will give a subjective view. We need solid business processes supported by technology to scan what is going on.”

Community Topics is just one of the many updates that we’re launching this year. Get in touch for a personalized tour.


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