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New York, 23-29 September 2019

Key takeaways

Run by the Climate Group in coordination with the UN and the City of New York, Climate Week NYC 2019  hosted over 350 events, and attracted CEOs, investors and government representatives from all over the world. Datamaran took an active part, speaking at a number of events hosted at Nasdaq and the International Federation of Accountants

Key takeaways from our workshops:

Making Sense of TCFD / Purpose, Disclosure, and Leadership

With disclosure standards gaining acceptance by investors, governments, frameworks, and other public bodies, ESG measurement and performance is under the microscope. 

The TCFD in particular shows how markets and capital flows are rapidly integrating ESG issues. A recent Datamaran study found that companies are disclosing climate risk in their annual financial reports. There are still significant opportunities for companies to comprehensively disclose the business implications of climate change. The methodology recommended by the TCFD empowers companies to assess risks, identify opportunities, and disclose information more strategically.

We discussed this topic in the workshop “Making Sense of TCFD / Purpose, Disclosure, and Leadership” featuring American Electric Power, Novo Nordisk, Nasdaq and ERM on 26 September.

As part of the activities, we asked our attendees to tell us, in one word, what would allow us to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2030. Here’s what they said... 

There are times in your career when it really hits home that what you’re doing actually counts; that all the hard work, the networking, the strategizing and the traveling is really worthwhile. I think the moment that we arrived at Climate Week NYC – emerging from the bustle of Fifth Avenue into the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) building for the event Creating Value in a Climate Emergency – definitely qualified as one of those.

Hosted at the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and co-organized with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Marjella was joined for the discussion by Jimmy Greer, Head of Sustainability at the ACCA; Patrick Temple-West, Journalist at the Financial Times; Kristen Sullivan, Partner at Deloitte; Chris Power, Senior Manager at Salesforce; and Rodney Irwin, Managing Director for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD) Redefining Value and Education program. The objective: to discuss the part the accountancy industry can play in accelerating a just and prosperous low-carbon economy.

Read the key takeaways here.

Creating Value in a Climate Emergency: Datamaran at Climate Week NYC

Speakers from left to right: Jimmy Greer (ACCA), Rodney Irwin (WBCSD), Chris Power (Salesforce), Patrick Temple-West (Financial Times), Marjella LeCourt-Alma (Datamaran) and  Kevin Dancey (IFAC)

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