Four opportunities to create value and avoid risk with AI

At Sustainable Brands New Metrics 2017, Datamaran CEO Marjella Alma presented on how some of the world's leading companies benefit from leveraging a data-driven approach for their materiality and risk analysis processes.

Marjella highlighted 4 key ways in which companies can create value and avoid risk with the power of Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics.  Watch the presentation to learn more about how you can seize these four opportunities:

#1: Make your materiality analysis more robust and data-driven

#2: Move it from a once-a-year project to an ongoing process  

#3: Take your materiality analysis in-house instead of outsourcing it

#4: Incorporate your materiality analysis into risk management

So, where can you begin?

Whether you’re the sustainability professional in your company or a member of the C-suite, your first step is to understand the power of the insights that are locked away if you follow an incomplete strategy.

Let us help you take the first steps. Get in touch with one of our industry experts today.

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