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Best Practices in Corporate Materiality

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Learn how you can create the perfect materiality assessment in record time.
Learn how you can create the perfect materiality assessment for every client in record time

Learn how industry leaders stay ahead of the curve

The function, use, and role of materiality analysis in business is a constantly shifting one

Traditionally, materiality has been a field with “no real standards to follow”, in the words of Tjeerd Krumpelman (ABN AMRO). This has led to questions of legitimacy, bias, and transparency - which have combined to block materiality from playing its proper role in the building of wider corporate strategy. 

“From Materiality to Strategy: Best Practices” brings together a number of ESG experts to discuss how they have overcome each of these concerns to make materiality scientific, transparent, and decision-useful. Based on a series of in-depth interviews, this free ebook explores how major global players have brought materiality beyond reporting. 

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Case Study Ebook 2020
  • How continuous monitoring of material issues is critical to staying on top of emerging risks with Dr. Jutta Kissel, Sustainability Manager at BASF;
  • Using technology to implement a more credible and systematic method of conducting reasonable assurance of your ESG data with Simon Braaksma, Senior Director of Sustainability Reporting at Philips
  • What you can do to enhance the voice of stakeholders when undertaking materiality analysis featuring Linda Freiner, Group Head of Sustainability at Zurich Insurance;
  • The steps you can take in order to improve the efficiency of your materiality analysis leveraging AI with Tjeerd Krumpelman, Head of Business Advisory, Reporting, and Stakeholder Engagement at ABN AMRO;
BASF Case Study: A Need For Continuous Monitoring - Dr. Jutta Kissel

As we are continuously understanding potential opportunities and risks along our value chain, we can adjust and implement our activities accordingly.”

Dr. Jutta Kissel, Sustainability Manager at BASF

Materiality beyond reporting

The increasing focus on the integration (or desiloization) of ESG and sustainability issues has led to a growing realization that performing the best possible material analysis is essential to staying on top. 

The drive for efficiency and efficacy in the materiality field has encouraged the identification of the latest technological solutions - reducing workload and improving results. 

Use this ebook to learn how to stay ahead of the curve with them.


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But the advice in this eBook will increase your long term value to your client and enable you to serve more clients in the same amount of time.

About Datamaran

Datamaran is the global leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for external risk management. 

Datamaran harnesses AI technology to support decision-makers with an improved materiality analysis process – one that seamlessly integrates into Enterprise Risk Management and corporate strategy. 

Datamaran’s global clientele of blue-chip companies have replaced the dated and expensive manual processes once used for these business processes - and, in turn, have gained operational efficiencies and a defensible approach. 

The insights Datamaran provides enable the integration of multiple business functions. In doing so, Datamaran’s AI-driven software allows forward-thinking business leaders to stay on top of the changing risk landscape.

But the advice in this eBook will increase your long term value to your client and enable you to serve more clients in the same amount of time.

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