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7 tips to the perfect materiality analysis| Datamaran

The Seven Tips To The Perfect Materiality Analysis

About 80% of the world’s largest 250 companies are already identifying non-financial issues in their materiality analysis and annual reporting, demonstrating that non-financial issues can be material. Whatever approach you take to your materiality analysis, there are some tips to help you make it as perfect – and fast – as possible.

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TCFD Recommendations – What Do You Need to Know About The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)?

With over 200 signatories, The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) is pushing companies to publicly disclose on their climate-related risks and opportunities.

Established in 2015 by the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney in response to G20 request to better understand the financial implications of climate change, the TCFD is chaired by Michael Bloomberg.

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Evan Harvey, Nasdaq: What’s Driving ESG? A Top Ten List

“But many product innovators are finding entirely new ways leverage ESG. The green bond and climate bond revolution, for example, would not have caught fire without the underlying data—and we have the Climate Bond Initiative actively setting best practices. Datamaran, an AI-driven “non-financial risk management” tool, uses sophisticated analytics to search and benchmark ESG data signals, among other things.”

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Datamaran3 Launch

Press Release: Forget about manual research – Datamaran launched new version of its AI-powered platform to monitor ESG risks and opportunities ​Quantifying stories told in corporate reports and the media is becoming a critical tool for risk management (see also Goldman Sachs here). The award-winning AI-powered non-financial risk management platform Datamaran now makes it simpler […]

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3 Reasons Not to Fear the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  There is a line of thought that states technology has caught up with human potential. Largely unhindered by technical constraint, we live in an age where technology is unlocking untapped areas of human creativity. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The first revolution is considered to be the revolution […]

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Global Responsibility: Local Accountability. What Does It Look LIke?

  One of the many products created in the current paradigm of international institutions and treaties with countless signatures is that strong leadership demands global responsibility. If this is well-defined and consistent, accountability can take place at the local level. So what does global responsibility: local accountability look like? Global Responsibility The rise of populism in […]

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The Big Data Revolution: Doing More for Less

Whether you like it or not, we are in the midst of a big data revolution. We are faced with a multitude of available data. If we use it right, we have a chance of speeding ahead by uncovering hidden insights. This could enable us to do far more than we have previously been capable of. […]

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Get it Right Next Year: 2017 Business Survival Kit

  2016 has been a rollercoaster. One which will see far reaching effects in business survival rates across the global landscape. It has been the year that saw the loss of cultural heroes like Bowie and Prince; and the rise of populism, the far-right, Brexit and Trump. So we created a 2017 Business Survival Kit for you. […]

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The Supply-Chain Butterfly Effect

Or why the irresponsible conduct of that supplier in a remote corner of the world puts you at risk… It was 1961 when Edward Norton Lorenz, American mathematician and meteorologist, decided to rerun a numerical computer model for a weather prediction entering the initial condition 0.506 instead of the full precision value of 0.506127. The […]

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